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Conquer Backpacks & Storage

Explore Essential Accessories

Uncover A New Perspective

Discover Software/plugins

Learn How to Incorporate Apps, Phones, & Tablets

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We have been to several online and LOVE much easier and less expensive than traveling and can watch replays at our leisure and you have great choices of classes!


The live instructors were great motivators and then being able to access their presentations for a year is especially helpful so we, “the percolators,” can learn at our own pace!


1 Full Year of Landscape Replays. 1 Amazing Price.

10 Reasons to Watch Our—Online—Photography Gear Conference

You Will:

  1. Discover the Pro’s solutions to ‘lugging’ around their gear.
  2. Finally learn how to properly use your lenses and camera bodies.
  3. Discover what software and plugins our instructors/experienced photographers use!
  4. Get the questions you didn’t even know you had about storage and backups answered.
  5. Gain confidence in your ability to assess the lighting of a scene, and determine what tools to use.
  6. Hear real-world stories from actual photographers on how/when they use their cameras of choice.
  7. Uncover the stabiliza on equipment the pros use, and how they use it to their advantage.
  8. Increase your knowledge on ways to utilize phones and tablets in your photography.
  9. Be able to view all sessions—at your own speed—as many times as you would like.
  10. Get access to all session recordings for 1 year!
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