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This was simply outstanding. I learned more about Lightroom in two days than I have learned in almost two years of ‘trial and error’ on my own.


I’ve really felt lost about where to start with Lightroom and editing my images—until this conference! I’ve had success editing a few images and I’m SO encouraged and excited.


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Reasons to Watch Our—Online—Lightroom Conference Replay

You Will:

  1. Watch topic focused, interactive sessions with top industry pros—at your own speed.
  2. Discover shortcuts to make editing easier.
  3. Learn about all of the new features in Lightroom 2022. And believe us there are a lot of new features!
  4. Master the New Masking Tool.
  5. Uncover the secret to post-processing in Lightroom.
  6. Unlock the best practices in Lightroom.
  7. Learn how to take advantage of Lightroom Mobile.
  8. Become and expert at Lightroom organization.
  9. Get the confidence you need to move forward with your photography.
  10. Be able to view all sessions—at your own speed—as many times as you would like.
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