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These classes and constructed workshops are absolutely eye opening. Just what I needed. I am a “how to”, step by step visual learner. A big big thank you to all you instructional photographers teaching me so many tips and tricks that I will be putting into use everyday.


KelbyOne Conferences continue to be instrumental to my growth as a photographer and I’m so grateful this organization exists. It’s become an indispensable item on my ‘Things that fulfill me and can’t imagine not having’ list, And the camaraderie… there’s no better group of people to learn and grow with!


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Why Should You Attend Our Lightroom Conference Over Others Out There?

Honestly, There Are too Many to Count, So We’ve Narrowed it Down to Just Our Favorites:

  1. You will Connect virtually with others—from around the world—with the same questions as you—in our chat window. How cool is that?
  2. You, as a live attendee, will have the ability to participate in Q&A sessions.
  3. You’ll learn to conquer the most powerful editing software out there, allowing you to eliminate the necessity to use and switch between multiple photo editing apps/software.
  4. You’ll—finally—feel like you have control of your editing process.
  5. You’ll get the confidence to take photos and edit them directly in Lightroom in real time from your mobile device.
  6. You'll be able to view all sessions—at your own speed—as many times as you would like with access to all session recordings for 1 year! (replays generally post within 5-7 business days after the live event).
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